Project archive

Selected projects dating back to pre-academia.

Tactile Communication for the Deaf-Blind


Unable to both see and hear, deaf-blinds largely rely on their caregivers to complete even the most basic of tasks. Communication is carried out using a limited set of on-body signs. In a collaborative project with the Dutch care organisation Bartimeus, the opportunities of tactile communication technology as a simulation for human touch are explored.



Designed primarily for the elderly, the HealthMirror allows its users to exercise regularly and stay in touch with health professionals and family members. The system consists of a reflective mirror, a tilted television screen, and a motion sensing device. By tracking the body’s position during exercise, direct feedback is projected on the body using the reflective mirror.

Philips HotelTV


Design and development of interactive television applications for hotel visitors. Applications are created in such a way as to allow for easy navigation on television sets. Utilising the internet capabilities of Net TV, relevant and up-to-date information can be delivered to users.


The multitouch table is a 44″ interactive display build to experiment with new ways of interaction. It engages users to work together in a natural way without keyboard and mouse. A circular menu design ensures easy control from all sides of the table. By using RFID readers, everyone is able to share and receive files or images.