Niels van Berkel

Niels is a human-computer interaction PhD student at the Interaction Design Lab located at The University of Melbourne. He has a background in interaction design and has been involved in the design and development of a wide variety of projects. In his current work, his focus is on ubiquitous computing and mobile devices, in particular how these devices can be used to measure human life and experiences.

Feel free to reach out in case you have any questions regarding his work.

Latest news:

UbiComp 2017 logo

September 2017: Present our work on the effect of gamification on self-report data quality and quantity at UbiComp 2017 (Maui, USA). Happy to be selected as a Student Volunteer.

UbiComp 2016 logo

September 2016: Present our work on group dynamics and crowdsourcing for decision support at UbiComp 2016 (Heidelberg, Germany). Happy to be selected as a Student Volunteer.

Microsoft logo

Summer 2016: Research internship at Microsoft Research in the Advanced Technology group (Redmond, USA).

CHI logo

May 2016: Present our work on smartphone usage gaps and patient context in mental health at CHI 2016 (San Jose, USA).

UbiComp 2015 logo

September 2015: Present our discussion on the long term usage of quantified-self applications at UbiComp 2015 (Osaka, Japan).